The Casio Sessions (2001)

by David Ragland

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written and recorded in 2001.


released May 31, 2001

David Ragland- everything



all rights reserved


David Ragland Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Let's Wallow
I got alligator carpet in my head and it is ironed
I've been lobbying and stomping but the glamour is like junk food
And I'm overboard and lazy looks like lust is gonna kill me
so my panic is slid underneath the rug silent and sleeping

Well I might just try to hold you but oh wait you're on that island
Is it still sinking at the rapid rate that you always wanted?
And so is the water charming 'cause I might dip in my toes
but then I'd have to shake you from your practical abode and such grim

Times- let's wallow in them
Let's clog dance all around them

Are those blinkers in your head? Are you trying to flag me down?
But no I think I made that up just like the time you rang my doorbell.
And if you had a boat I know you wouldn't wanna use it
so I'm swimming out to you I see your shirt without a sequin

You scatter down to meet me from the branches you were perched on
I feel my ears are popping and I realize we are sinking
The island's going down just like you always wanted
And you smirk and say we're sinking with this practical abode and such grim

Times- let's wallow in them
Let's clog dance all around them
Track Name: Let's Eat Our Dinner On The Floor
Come to me shyly my shoulders are arched
The carport is empty, you're painting skidmarks
They're your favorite red, now they know where to go
Paint me a path to your town below

Everything's static except for your look
Hell the toilet seat's in two and the party is
full of tears and drunk Karate hooks
soothe them with your flower petals
and we will dance until our hands feel the same size

Yellow therapy has cleared the floor
Your color pallet is free now and it's wobbling out the door
Can we chase after it and see where it lands?
If it stays on on your porch it might get drenched

So let's eat our dinner on the floor
Wooten will make sure that we don't get bored
but if I should sleep, well, I'll slide down a nose
That you painted long ago
Long, long ago